Buying on Hotmillions

  1. Buyer should use the search bar to find his suitable partner.
  2. All he needs to do is entering the keyword in the search bar and the system will send back the result.
  3. When the Buyer decides that the Seller is a good partner for him, he can place an order.
  4. Buyer then has to send the money and commission to the admin by ordering. Admin will keep the payment until the job is finished and send it to the Seller.
  5. During the working process, both the Seller and Buyer can communicate with each others via message system. Users can send messages to each other as well as additional attachments such as photos, files etc.
  6. After the mJob’s done, Buyer changes the status of a mJob to Accept so that the Buyer can write a review for the Seller.
  7. When the mJob is now considered as “Finished”, a pop-up is shown up to let the Buyer rate and write a review for the Seller.