Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hotmillions is a macro marketplace where you can find a universe of high-quality sellers who are to provide high-quality services for all your micro jobs. Your micro job can be anything from an article write up or editing a video or whatever you can think of. Just search the micro job and Hotmillions will present you variety of professionals and experts who will get things done for you starting as low as $7. Here at Hotmillions, we have a number of sellers various industries who are just one of the best at what they do and deemed to provide you with exceptional services as per your needs.

After paying for an mjob, you’ll need to ensure to communicate with the seller and provide the “delivery info “based on the mjob that you have requested. It is recommended to communicate within the Hotmillions website chat for faster resolution of disputes if needed and to avoid suspension of account.

Unfortunately, this is not allowed. Hotmillions has it’s own internal mjob messaging. Ensure to communicate with the Hotmillions website chat for faster resolution of disputes if needed and to avoid suspension of account.

Yes. This is possible. There is an option to attach or upload files when communicating to the seller via the Hotmillions private message.

Hotmillions has a dense population of sellers from each and every industry including Business, Video, Music & Animation, Website Designing, Programming, Digital Marketing, Graphic designing, Writing & Translations and many others. Just check to browse the category for your microjob and pick the favourite seller from the list of professionals.

  1. Register at and login to your account.

  2. Search for the specific mjob via the categories and listings found here at Hotmillions.

  3. Then be sure to review your order before purchasing.

  4. You will be directed to the checkout details.

  5. Select the payment option that you prefer to us.

  6. Click “Checkout Now”

Note: You have an option to purchase an extra prior to selecting “Order Now” button.

On the upper right corner of the screen, click “Join us”. Enter your email address and click “Continue”. You also have an option to easily join Hotmillions by clicking the social media icons. Next is to provide a username and a password. Go through the terms and conditions before clicking the accept tick box. Lastly click “Join”. You will be then directed to your dashboard.

The dashboard contains your balance (Working, Available, Pending), order statistics, your orders, your mjobs and tasks. You also have an option to edit your profile by selecting the link on the dashboard.

Click “edit your profile” on your dashboard. You can select your country, language, provide your payment info, a brief description about you and other billing information. There is also an option to connect to socials.

A working balance is the amount of money paid by the buyer for the mjob services that you have provided.

This balance is your top up earnings or points that were transferred to you by our Hotmillions admin.

Pending balance is the amount of money that will be credited to your account once you have completed all the mjob services that you are expected to accomplish.

The total balance is the combined total of all your balance such as working, available and pending balance.

You have an option to withdraw via Paypal account. The option to withdraw via back account is only applicable to Australian sellers only. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5. Paypal withdrawal will take maximum of 7 working days upon withdrawal request.

A secure code is a code provided to you via your registered email prior to withdrawal of the requested amount. If you do not have the secure code, you can get it by clicking the “Request here” under the Balance option on your Dashboard. Note: Please do not share your secure code to anyone else.

These are the mjobs that you ordered and paid for to be accomplished by the mjob seller.

These are the mjobs that need to be completed by you.

These are the mjobs that you have posted on Hotmillions. The posting contains the services/tasks that you wish to offer to buyers for a certain amount (minimum of $7 per mjob).

This contains all the invoices of all the orders made it’s amount and status summary.

Bank account withdrawal/payment option is only applicable for Australian based sellers only. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5. Only those having complete bank account information will be processed. Bank transfer will take maximum of 7 working days upon request.

Just provide the registered Paypal email account and click “Save”. Paypal withdrawal will take maximum of 7 working days upon withdrawal request.

Select the + button beside the “Post a mjob”. Provide the following:

  1. Job name

  2. Price

  3. Time of delivery

  4. Select the Category

  5. Provide a brief description

  6. Upload your featured photo (we do allow maximum of 5 pictures whose each minimum size is 768x435px.

  7. You can add a video link.

  8. Add extra service by clicking the (+)

  9. Provide tags for better searching of your mjob

  10. Save and submit the mjob.

You can upload your featured photo with a maximum of 5 pictures whose each minimum size is 768×435 pixel.

Notifications contains updates and message on the profile, balance, mjob or task and order.

“Extra” is an add-on option for an mjob posted by the seller which will entail a certain cost when selected or ordered. This amount will be added on top of the total amount due of of the posted mjob task.

The different payment options are: Paypal, credit card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express).

Yes. You can select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” and input the details as Paypal Guest Checkout.

Not at this stage

Pending status means that the mjob payment was not accepted or confirmed by Hotmillions admin.

“Active” status means that the mjob request is submitted for review by the seller. Seller must accept the mjob request by clicking the “Start” button. The mjob seller will receive an email notification informing him of the new mjob was submitted/ordered.

Once the mjob request is completed the seller must click the “Deliver” button to confirm the delivery of the mjob order. The buyer can request for a modification of the delivered mjob if this was mentioned on the description of mjob details or was ordered as an “extra”. There will be a notification that will be emailed if ever the mjob has been delivered.

Once the buyer is satisfied with the delivery of the mjob, “accept” button should be selected. After you accept the delivery, the order will be marked as finished and you can write a review for the job. Ensure to double check the delivered mjob prior to acceptance since reversal of accepted mjob will not be entertained. Seller will receive a new completed order notification. Take note that once the order has been accepted, modifications will no longer be accepted.

It is recommended that buyers should write an honest review of the seller and the delivered mjob. This is not required but we’d like to request everyone to participate so that other buyers will know the actual output of the mjob that was provided to you, For those with 3.5 star review and below, pleaes expect that your account will be reviewed why you review is at constant low score. Hotmillions has the right to suspended your account if in case your review score will not improve in the a certain period of time given by the site admin.

To add a bookmark, user must click on the start icon/symbol. From here, you may opt to categorize the bookmark for better searching and classification.

It is required that the account must be verified successfully prior to accepting an mjob or ordering an mjob. Also, an email notification for all verified accounts and successful registration at Hotmillions will be received by the user.

A private message is the only method of communication allowed by You will be notified if there is a notification on your account. For all chat, email or any other means of communication outside of is prohibited. has the right to terminate the account if the buyer/seller is found to have communicated outside of private messaging option. Hotmillions has several means of checking even for social media, so please ensure to follow this terms.

You may contact the admin at or Select “forgot password” and enter your email address. You will receive a link that you can click where you can input your new password.

You may contact us at and we will do our best to answer your concern. Please ensure to provide the following:

  1. Username:

  2. Problem/Inquiry/Concern

  3. Email address:

For all refunds on cancelled orders, we only provide refund via Hotmillions credits that can still be used to buy other mjobs within the Hotmillions site. For all dispute related refund, we only provide refund via Hotmillions credits that can still be used to buy other mjobs within the Hotmillions site. Reminder: Take note that we perform security checking prior to our refund. Any transaction that is found to be anomalous and unusual shall be subjected or reviewed and maybe terminated if proven.

We discourage buyers to share username or password to ensure safety and avoid any further security issue related to the account. It will be the buyers decision to share his credential but and any of it’s employee shall not be help liable for any loss or problem caused by the shared credential. Sharing of credentials may result to termination of account.

It is always recommended that the buyer and seller resolve their issues by properly communicating with each other. This helps improve and gets problems resolved much more quickly. The buyer may ask the seller to revise or fix it the problem if possible if in case the output does not meet the request based on the delivery info that you have provided. If still, even after trying to work it out with either the buyer or the seller, the problem still remains, you may file a dispute claim. Admin will check the historical log of all your conversation with the seller. Admin will decide whether to give the buyer a refund or seller receives the payment. Admins decision will be final once provided.

We do not allow transactions outside of Those mjobs posted should be dealt within the Hotmillions website. This ensures security of the money being paid by the buyer and protection of the seller from scam orders. Hotmillions will ensure safe and secured transaction within our website.

With micro job, you can pre-select the micro job offered prior to ordering. You can hire whom you want and you can opt not to hire him again if the past output does not satisfy your expectation. Or if you are happy with the output, you can hire him over and over and over again. Also, you always get the best skilled person for the job. If the seller does not deliver based on the committed timeline, you just cancel the mjob order under mutual cancellation.

You’ll get the freedom when and where you can work. You can work all day or only during your free time. Be your own boss. Once anyone has ordered your service, you choose when you complete the job, as long if it is within the set deadline. You can define your own tasks and do what you do well. These are the perks of micro jobs to seller.

You’ll get the freedom when and where you can work. You can work all day or only during your free time. Be your own boss. Once anyone has ordered your service, you choose when you complete the job, as long if it is within the set deadline. You can define your own tasks and do what you do well. These are the perks of micro jobs to seller.

As a BUYER, you can provide your detailed information and find out the potential seller

  •  Create profile

  • Search for seller/service

  • Place an order

  • Send a custom order

  • Dispute a mJob

  • Review a seller

  • Send/Receive instant messages

Seller Flow

  1. Seller should sign up for an account on Hotmillions website and fill in all required information to create a professional profile page

  2. After that, the Seller can start his service by posting a mJob.

  3. On the Sellers dashboard, he can easily manage his mJobs and also his orders.

  4. Once the Seller completes an order, he will deliver his work to the Buyer by sending a message with attached file(s).

  5. If everything is okay, the mJob is delivered on time, the Buyer can receive his payment. The money will be sent to Sellers account on the site and he can withdraw it later when he wants. The Seller has two ways to withdraw the money: via PayPal or via Bank account (if Australian based). Seller has to complete the information first in order to withdraw the money

Buyer Flow

  1. Buyer should use the search bar to find his suitable partner.

  2. All he needs to do is entering the keyword in the search bar and the system will send back the result.

  3. When the Buyer decides that the Seller is a good partner for him, he can place an order.

  4. Buyer then has to send the money and commission to the admin by ordering. Admin will keep the payment until the job is finished and send it to the Seller.

  5. During the working process, both the Seller and Buyer can communicate with each others via message system. Users can send messages to each other as well as additional attachments such as photos, files etc.

  6. After the mJob’s done, Buyer changes the status of a mJob to Accept so that the Buyer can write a review for the Seller.

  7. When the mJob is now considered as “Finished”, a pop-up is shown up to let the Buyer rate and write a review for the Seller.

There’ll be time when you have to involve in a debate. Even when the mJob hasn’t been completed, Seller can “quit” while Buyer can “close” the mJob. Of course, they will have to explain the reason behind these actions. The admin then will play the role of a judge to give the final decision, you can refund the money to B or send the payment for A.

The supported currency is in Australian Dollar ($). If you are using paypal, currency will be based on Paypals dollar exchange rate.

Commission fee (%) is a fee charged both to the buyer and the seller. Hotmillions charges a fee of 20%. The Sellers shall keep 80% of each gig they sell and completely deliver. Example, each $7 accredits your account with a net revenue of $4. This helps us operate our platform and help us for other payments and fees related to this website.

When users withdraw money the minimum amount set is $5.

The buyer has to mark “Finished” and accept the order delivered from the seller. This should be done within 7 days. It means after 7 days from the delivery date, the system will auto finish the order so that seller can receive the money for the delivered mjob.