Selling on Hotmillions

  1. Seller should sign up for an account on Rocketero website and fill in all required information to create a professional profile page
  2. After that, the Seller can start his service by posting a mJob.
  3. On the Sellers dashboard, he can easily manage his mJobs and also his orders.
  4. Once the Seller completes an order, he will deliver his work to the Buyer by sending a message with attached file(s).
  5. If everything is okay, the mJob is delivered on time, the Buyer can receive his payment. The money will be sent to Sellers account on the site and he can withdraw it later when he wants.
    The Seller has two ways to withdraw the money: via PayPal or via Bank account (if Philippine based). Seller has to complete the information first in order to withdraw the money